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Sixth Year Jungle Safari




                                Jungle    Safari


We, the VWF group, meet in St. Louis on 24, Feb. 2006, the purpose of our meeting is to finalize plans and leave for our final destination “ Africa ”. The adventure will conclude at Jo's Bongo Congo Partee Hut in deepest darkest Africa of darkness, land of light, land of enchantment, land of mystery, intrigue and adventure, land of big bugs, little snakes, rhinos, crocks and cranky cats. We find all our computer pals milling around talking in small groups and laughing as they await the plane to embark on this their seventh adventure....  

Jo tapping the Big Stick on the podium says, "All right everyone, I know ya'll want to finally put faces to names but we have less than an hour to make our plane! Now everyone sit down. We thought it would be the perfect spot to meet here in St. Louis beings it's smack in the middle of the US . We needed to find someone who could fly the two-engine plane out of Lambert International Airport . So let's get this show on the road. Steve! Wipe that smirk off your face and Wildman quit poking BBBill in the ribs! We are off to Africa Troop!" Jo shouts excitedly. " We have it on good authority that our plane is safe, even if it is small and we can only take one bag each onboard the plane, sorry Bev we did try to get a bigger plane. And!!! I WILL be watching that all the rules and guidelines are followed! (Jo says with a growl and a bright smile) We will meet One Eye our guide in Nairobi . Then we safari in to the Gold Coast to a small village called Oooloooa. Once there we will find Jo's Bongo Congo Partee hut and party hardy!"

Bev steps forward and start lining everyone up according to size. Taller in the back, shorter in the front. Once that is done, Betty steps forward to give each and every person all the papers they will need to have so we can all get into the country legally. Kat is at the front of the line, she has her shoes in her hand for some reason.. Bev wants to know why she's barefoot? Kat says it's a British thing and that she'll have her shoes on by the time we land in Nairobi . Bev slips her shoes back on and gets in line behind Kat. Jeff bounces up to the front of the line...."Mama Jo! I'm here! Did Dudley get to the gate in time? We had a few beers at J. Bucks and he said he would meet me at Gate 23. Darned if I can see his fuzzy face anywhere!" Jo sighs and starts looking in the darker corners for Dud. "I'm sorry Jeff, if Dud doesn't show up we'll have to leave without him. We have a pretty tight schedule to follow and there isn't much wiggle room in it." Jeff falls in line like the good soldier, looking just a little sad to be going without his “beer drinking” buddy. Jo raises her voice, "All right, everyone the plane is here...march on board now and grab a seat. Since we chartered this plane we can just file in and start at the front and sit down. There are plenty of pillows, blankets and snacks." The Troop marches up the steps and into the plane and finds their seats. The co-pilot’s voice cracks and sputters over the speakers, "Welcome aboard Flight 22406 leaving St. Louis and flying Non stop to Nairobi Africa. My name is Fred and our flight captain is Captain D-squawk crack pop--. Again welcome aboard and make yourself comfortable."

Our Troops settle down, we hear them quietly talking as the plane takes off. Many drift off to sleep to dream of what is to come in the days ahead...."Pop.”. Good Morning Everyone! We are making our final approach to Nairobi International Airport . We hope you had a pleasant flight and we will be here on your return for the flight home in three days. The Captain and I thank you for flying Bearcub Air with us." As we all slowly deplane, feeling like we've been in the plane for days. Pam notices that there is a fuzzy face hanging out the cockpit window....could it be? Is it?? Well, MAYBE....."Hey Jeff! Is that Dudley wearing a Captains hat?"                      


Jeff turns to look up toward the cockpit window, "Well! I'll be stuffed and mounted!" he shouts. "There is Dudley , he's been in the cockpit flying us to Africa !" Bev turns      

slowly around and says..."whose elephant is that?" 


And Steve answers "It must belong to that one eyed fat guy over there." Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Mannnn! Cries Bev...I just knew there would be something I'd hate doing on this trip!!! She bows to One Eye the guide that will be leading us on our safari. Yes, One Eye says...please to climb on the back of Sitati my elephant...Bev grabs an ear.

 Wondering, who the heck this One Eye guy is, Bev grabs the elephant's ear and tries to pull herself up on this beast! NOT GONNA HAPPEN! She yells at Bob. Who is sitting under the tree drinking his homemade beer.  Do they have Triple AAA in Africa ? I hope so.... Bev says...” that's the only way I'm going to get my Dupa on top of this thing”! Suddenly, in a big SWOOP, Bev's feet left the ground and the tree limbs brushed against her hair. Without warning the elephant had taken his trunk and propelled Bev onto his back. It took Bev totally by surprise, as she fans herself from the heat. She looks at this so called... ONE EYE, and asks. We do have more to transport the rest of the group right? One Eye GRUNTS and points at the rest of the elephants being lead up the hill…. Bev, whispering in Steve's ear says, "this guy sure won't get any awards for his personality that's for sure!" Steve laughs and motions for a few more people to join him and Bev on top of the elephant. Kat, quickly runs up to Jo and says...look at those guys over's obvious they are up to no good! With silly smirks on their faces, Wildman, Steve and Bill slap each others hands, as if to close the deal on some infamous plan! Jo says, don't worry girls, I have my ways of keeping an eye on these guys and I'll be watching them closely. "I'm grateful for that," says Kat. Did you hear that Steve???... You and your buddies are under close watch? Jo's got her eye on all of you! Steve smiles and moans. "Yea right!"... Suddenly our guide, One Eye, who has the bushiest eyebrows Jo and Bev have ever seen comes up to Steve and asks if he will…

Help him to organize this group of silly women. Steve said that he would be glad to help all he could but some of them are so hard headed that he might have to recruit some of the other guys to help him. So Steve jumps down from the Elephant and goes over to Danny and says ole One Eye wants us to get all the silly women together so we can start our trip. Danny says ok I'll go round some up from over there and you get the rest. Steve said just look at Kat over there painting her toe nails and with that  bright, ugly color.  I just don't know what color that is. I tell  her to come on,  Kat you can do that tonight at our rest stop. Kat just looks at me like, you don't tell me what to do and about that time a BIG HAIRY SPIDER runs across her foot and she jumps up higher than any center from the NBA. Dave runs over and squashes the spider and tells Kat to follow      him.  We got to go, he says .                    

After about ten minutes we are all loaded up on the Elephants but Steve and Danny decide it might be better to walk for awhile to make sure that nothing falls off our one pack Elephant.  


It is a beautiful area we are in and the birds and monkeys are all around. Steve tells Danny that he hopes this trip goes well and Danny says he does too but that we are going to have to watch out for some of the natives.


 Danny goes up the line telling Dave, Joe, Bill, Don, and Jeff what to look out for, and he sees already that Bob and Dud are drinking some of Bob's home brew. Danny tells Jeff that he might have lost his drinking buddy, Dud to Bob, but Jeff said not to worry.  


Jo is trying to fix Bev's hair that the tree limb messed up and Bev is just a fussing at Jo cause she is pulling her hair and Jo says well it ain't easy to fix your hair on the back of a moving Elephant. Aletta and Deb. B are comparing their new hats and PJ and Ronnie are talking about how hot it is and they don't like it. Jan, Betty, and Pam are having a great time and all of a sudden....

Now we must head out and cover some ground before making camp and nightfall. As we head out up ahead is...