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Mission Impossible



Set the Scene:

Mission Impossible.

Word comes to us through our VWF headquarters in Washington, DC that GW
would like our help in locating Osman Been Lie-n. This will be a highly
dangerous mission. One that will require our topnotch agents to locate,
and bring down this scum ball terrorist and his dirt bag network. Sources
indicate that Been Lie-n is in hiding here in the United States. Our
experienced team of high level investigators, spies and sharpshooters must
find him and squash him like the bug he is..a national blight against
humanity! No rock will be left unturned. We must prevail.
Should we accept this mission, all information obtained must be strictly
confidential and must not reach CNN, Oprah or the Enquirer until
successfully completed. If word leaks out that we are looking for Been
Lie-n, should we be captured by his butt wipes, we are obliged to
self-destruct like this tape. Poof!!! A high level meeting was called where
it was decided that we will accept this mission. After all, we can't say NO
to GW. Where will we begin?  It will be necessary to come up with a plan. We
will start by searching in the most unlikely places since the FBI and the
CIA naturally would already be looking at the obvious places, wouldn't you
think? Morning finds us gathering our forces, ready to begin our adventure.
At this moment, all list members are in the CORNER of VICTORY, nervously
tapping their pencils on the table, trying to come up with a plan to catch
Been Lie~N and his butt wipe terrorist group. Jo, patiently listening to
everyone's plans for this mission, calls on Bev for her opinion, Bev has
just returned from her walk around the block in hopes of calming her nerves!
Bev writes:
Jo...this is going to be one serious mission. We must complete this mission
at all costs! To fail in this endeavor will banish us to the CORNER of NO
RETURN to never again enjoy the pleasures of good food and drink! We must
cross our heart's and hope to die that we will not fail this mission. Together.. we
have the best Snipers, Informants, Double Agents, 


Meteorologists and 2 attack kitties.. etc. to get this job done. We eagerly await further instructions from you Jo! Wonder where we should start first?

Jo writes
Why meeeeee? Ok, I need some quiet here. PALEEEEEESE ..quit tapping those
pencils and let me think..Oh I know! Of course, some one give me a cell
phone quick. I'll call "Madame know it all" the psychic. Surely, she can
give us a clue! Hello, hello, Madam? I have a serious problem and
desperately need your physic, no, I don't have ..What? What's that
you say? No, no, my husband is NOT having an affair with his
don't understand, this is an emergency. and I don't care if you see me
taking a trip.. Now wait a minute a trip? A trip you say? ..Well, ok. yes,
yes, .where? To a haunted house?? But, but. but I think you must be
mistaken.. Well all right, then a haunted house it will be, hello, hello. are
you still there Madam? What do you mean you have to go now and my time is
up? This just can't be! Oh dear!! How will I explain this? Ok.Ok, Jo get a grip! Time to pull yourself together now. I must gain control here, after all the whole group
is expecting me to take charge. Oh boy are WE in trouble! <g> Ok everyone,
listen up..I have it on ah err very good authority that we must go to the
little cemetery down the hill where there is a house that is said to be
haunted. (a likely hideout for our man.) We will split up into teams and hide
under cover watching to see who comes and goes. .all right teams let's roll..

Martin writes

And so our story continues with Jo barking orders...
All right ladies and gentlemen we have our orders. Danny, Marci, PJ and
Connie team one; Martin, Bev, Kat and Tom - team two; Don, Pam, Linda Deb -
three, the rest of you fall in with me we will figure something out later..
Last thing before we get there, Bev try NOT to touch any unknown buttons.
We now see our teams arriving at the "haunted house". Jo "Team leader too all teams "move in." Don?  tango 2 to lead, exercise caution.  There seems to be a lot of traps set around the perimeter." As they move closer we hear Kat over the radio say
something about a ghostly figure approaching her position.

PJ writes

Jo hears Kat start to describe the vision she's seeing, as
something white and unearthly. Kat's voice quivers, " My gosh, it's headed
right toward me..WHAT IS IT ??? WHAT DOES IT WANT FROM ME??????!!!!!
AAAARGHHH" and the radio goes dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jo yells.."Kat, Kat! Are you there?? What's happening?" When she gets no
response, she turns to the team and says " Team Three, you stay here and
continue searching.......Teams One and Two, come with me!!!
We're going to find out what happened to Kat!!!!!!" Connie and PJ leave heel
tracks in the dirt as Danny and Marci pull them along. PJ is sniveling, "But
I have to wash my hair, I'll come along later!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Connie says, "I just remembered! I have to make an important phone call and
my cell phone's in the car. I'll be right back!!!" These valid excuses from
duty do not work however, and they reluctantly join the foolhardy rescuers!!

Kat writes 
Kat hear`s the lame excuses that PJ and Connie have made as her radio
crackles back to life, Jo she whispers it`s okay, the radio went dead for
awhile.   Martin got fresh so I hit him with it.  It`s bad enough that he got
fresh but he wore that stupid dress that Pam made. I know it`s a party
 Martin but come on now. We are on this important mission and you "HAD" to wear that dress?  Oh God here comes that thing again. Jo hears Kat`s voice tremble with fear. What is it she nervously whispers?   It s ghostly and so horrible
looking, and its going into the house.  We are closest to it,  Let`s go!   Kat, Bev and
Martin enter the house with Tom bringing up the rear, "we're inside Jo" Kat
whispers into the radio there is some thing in here but what is it? Martin
do you know what that is?  Tom any ideas?  It seems to hang over them like a mist
as they bravely walk together.  Do you want to split up or shall we all stay
together?  BEV. you are NOT to touch any thing.  Remember the boat?
They go their separate ways. Tom to the basement, Martin main floor, and Kat and
Bev start to go up the stairs holding tight to each other.  The apparition
has disappeared into the wall and its getting darker.  Kat and Bev hear from
the guys that all is clear. Jo, hold off on barking orders for a few minutes
please.  Bev what was that sound?  Is it the guys, Tom? Martin? where did they go?  I
thought they gave the all clear.  Wasn't it them that said that? Kat and Bev
creep forward and the ghostly shape starts towards them, Bev don`t let go of
my hand I`m scared too. Where are the other teams?  I hear them outside says Bev. and I wish we hadn`t entered the house without them. Oh Bev look here it comes
again that thing that horrible thing, Bev and Kat reach out and pull what
looks to be like a sheet off of the thing and my god It`s............

Linda writes

 There stood Linda with tears streaming down her face.   My gosh Linda! You scared the bejeebers out of us screamed Kat!  Bev gave Kat a stern look knowing something has upset Linda as she is not normally like this. Linda, what's wrong?  Well, sobbed Linda, we were scouting as ordered . Don was in front with me,  Deb and Pam following. Don told me and Pam to go off to the right over the hill up there. We got a call from Don that he and Deb found a cave and were going in. All of a sudden we heard an explosion and a scream. Where is Pam! yelled Bev! "I DON'T KNOW" screamed back Linda.  She was right behind me. Kat stood staring and in a voice that sounded faraway...Bev, calls the other teams...... we are going back there.... she then turned to Linda and told her to stop crying and pull herself together. All of a
sudden The three of them heard crashing in the trees and rocks tumbling in front of
Pam writes.
Dusting themselves off and walking through the open front door of the house
you could see several rooms off the main hall, and the stairs up to the
other floors. PJ and I slide in, dressed in our dark cammo uniforms. I have
on my night goggles...PJ says, "geez Pam take those frogeyes off!"  Anyway, here's the light switch", and turns it on. Pam gives a yelp as she is totally blinded for a few seconds.  We start walking towards the first room when we hear strange sounds coming from the bowels of the house.  A very eerie screeching.  As
we hold our breath waiting to see what will happen next, in rides Linda on
her favorite 'Dillo!  Howdy she says! "Just heard from Jo that Been Lie n was in town, and Iwant to be part of the clean up party." Linda says with a big Texas smile.
"Has anyone seen Kat?" Last we heard Jo and the teams were going to where
she was when she saw the Lady in White.  You know that story, don't you?, asked Pam.  PJ says a quick No and assures her that she  don't want to hear
it right now  .Linda makes herself comfortable all set for that story when suddenly the lights go out and blackness is all around us.   Ahead in the dark we hear voices, what are they speaking?  Is that Arabic or Afghanese?  Now just how would I know, I only speak English!!!??? Shhhh PJ says: I think it may be the Been lie n's from know, the Bamma Been Lie n's?  Heard they were a nasty bunch. Seems we've hit a really hot spot. Pam! Where is that walkie talkie? "PJ, I lost it when I fell down that darned hole in the woods! Who dug that?" Linda: Well, guess we are the ones that have to fix this here mess! Sure wish Jo was here! Then...................


Danny and his team arrived at our site from their
watch positions, Since it was getting dark a poll was taken and we decided
to set up defensive positions for the night and a small recon team would be
sent out to attempt to locate the subjects and to report back at first
light. Instructions were given to not light any fires, no smoking, there is
to be absolute radio silence, and once you get into your positions you are
not to move or talk. Anti-personnel mines, trip flares (boobytrapped) were
set up. We were settled in for the night

Another blood curdling scream comes from the bowels of the house that makes
them all want to run, but being all brave team members they continue deeper in
to the interior of the "house" PJ mutters I wish Jo hadn`t called Madame
Knowitall, but she did so I will see this through. Bev appears white as a sheet along with Martin and Tom  now where's  Kat? Bev say`s I was with her but she just disappeared as if in to thin air. They all crept forward PJ wants to go home and wash her hair but the team says no we're all here together let`s go. What with our leader missing where do we get our orders now?. They slowly start to explore the house sure now that something bad is afoot, but what?   Who knows? All of a sudden there appears a full moon and they can see some of the things that are on the floors and furniture that have been left by the owners. Pam picks a piece of paper up and it`s written in a language no one understands. Is it a shopping list or a foul plot of Been Lien`s.?  All of a sudden Jo comes in she says we have a double agent among us, one ofour most trusted must be working for Been Lie n's group!!!!. I was held
captive she says tied up but I was able to escape, Pam, PJ, Bev and the guys
gather around her for comfort but Jo say`s not now , no time for that..
later, we have come on a mission and the mission goes on, I see you are all
here but one is missing where`s Kat,?  Nobody seems to know..... and the plot
thickens. Another scream!!! but this time from Linda she walked in to spider webs. Pam
and PJ had started to run but Jo holds them back.  Bev Kat was with you, right?  ...where is she?  When you last saw her I mean.  Up there Bev says pointing to the stairs, as they started to go up the stairs again,  Pam stops she hears the voices again from outside and wonders if they are being surrounded?  Pam  says I`ll go check it out and catch up.  The others continue up the stairs as PJ mutters,   I bet she goes home, she`s not checking on the voices.  She needs to go put on her purple socks!  She thinks they have magical powers. They all creep up the stairs one by one, Pam is no where to be seen.   Diid she go to put on her purple socks or had she too been taken captive?  They round the bend of the stairs to see Kat, shaken covered with cob webs and dust.  Very bravely PJ goes towards her..... where were you Kat dear she asks?  t Kat doesn`t answer just makes strange sounds. Pam rushes up the stairs towards
them all and yells take cover!  take cover now!!   There's a strange lot coming
towards us. Kat points to the wall as they follow her gaze the wall opens
they start to go through and..............
Marci writes

Just disappear.  Where did everyone go?  The eerie noises inside the house had stopped..... it is completely silent now, even more of a wierd feeling.... it is
time to check in.   We all meet in the foyer on the main floor just in-front
of the entrance to the house.  Finally, We are all present and accounted for,  gathered together.  It took you guys long enough!!! We are
going to loose them if we don't hurry up and get our orders straight....
Bev pipes up and says... Yeah! I have to have all my ducks in a row, or I
just can't get through the day! Linda and I look at each other and smile as
we roll our eyes and glance at Bev. while she is putting on her face!
Sheesh. Jo starts to spat out orders again, Hold on just a minute there I
tell Ma Jo, I think you better wait until we all give our details of what we
found first!!! She agrees. Danny, Marci, PJ and Connie - team one: what is the stats of your findings? Marci says: well after Danny and I dragged PJ and Connie half way around the compound, PJ found some funny little round brown marble looking things, she was inspecting them, then she tried one, come to find out it was Camel
droppings....yuck!!   PJ was not feeling so well after that.  Connie on the other hand
did finally settle down and was really trying to help out. Danny discovered
more booby-traps and a few dangerous pits, and took care of them reporting that they have been de-activated.  For myself, I found a lot of foot prints
coming from the back of the house to a small opening in a rock wall on the
hillside behind the house. I entered but, PJ started telling me to come on
out before something happened to me, that was about it for me, I never got
to investigate the rest of the small opening in the hillside.
Martin, Bev, Kat....Tom - team two.....your findings; We Had been exploring the
basement of the house and found many notes, but no sign of anyone.
Doc.Tom did find a medical book on Plastic surgery that was left open on a was written in English and also in Arabic, as he was searching, he
notice a string book-marking a page of face changes.
Martin had also found many traps and decoys to keep us from entering any of
the small openings in the rocks. Bev. and Kat on the other hand were in the
midst of scouting for various things to eat, Yeah sure they where! HA!
Team 3 stats please....Don, Pam, Linda Deb - team three:
Well, Don said he found an entrance to another cave like opening, in the
hill behind the haunted house.  Pam and Linda here talking to each other and say they would not enter unless there was more men to back them up.  They were waiting for the last team, Gus and his gang were hot on the
heals of Don's team, and ready to go see what lies further inside the cave.
When all of a sudden they all stop talking and out side the front door went
racing by 6 men on camels.  Who were those hooded men?... and what did they
want?  The teams followed on horseback, and were keeping up with them, but then
something strange happened as they where headed out towards the
dessert...PJ wanted dessert too, but instead she headed for the desert to head off the rest of the teams!!!!!!! She came running up, out of breath and minus one
neon pink houseslipper......Jo reined her horse in and said "PJ, what is it,
and where have you been?????" PJ gasped out, that the camels and riders were
just a decoy; Been Lie 'n and his head gopher were trapped in the cave behind
the house. Danny was patrolling the entrance to make sure they didn't
escape; Tom was checking for rear exits (the cave); Don was sending up a
weather balloon to see when the storm was going to hit, and had told
everyone that very soon there would be one hellacious downpour. The reason
that PJ hurried to catch the teams was so that all of them could be there
when the little weasel was caught, BUT also to ask if anyone had an
umbrella! Marci said "Are you crazy, woman??? An umbrella is the least of
your worries at this point!!" PJ, with hands on hips, huffily replied, " Oh
no it's NOT a trivial thing!!!!! That's when Martin went and dyed his head
blue to match his shoes, and if it rains, that blue will run and do you
really think that Been Lie-n is gonna surrender to Papa Smurf ????
Just then a shout from Doc Tom made everyone turn in the direction of the  cave..........

Danny writes.


Don wrote

 AS they followed with all eyes to the desert don comes around the last hill with team on a bright RED FIRE TRUCK with DEB up on the ladder aiming a fully charged fire hose at the leader of the camel pack.  With hose charged to 200 PSI and set on solid stream of water.

Jo writes

The Camels scattered as Debby with Don's help took aim on the
camels shooting the water from the hose with unimaginable force...
knocking the riders to the ground. Danny yells out to Doc and Gus "c'mon men
lets move in and take our prisoners." There appeared to be about a dozen of
them. As our topnotch team drew closer they could see the faces and the
terror in the eyes of these men waiting to be captured, imprisoned or maybe
killed.. not knowing of their fate they did not resist as our teams moved
in. This was not expected infact seemed very curious to all. Jo says "we
must find out who these people are and what they know as to the whereabouts
of  Been Lie' n.  After what seemed like hours of questioning, (only
because it had been), Gus, Danny and Don were satisfied that these were
members of the .. --


Mosque who had been held as hostage just so that they could be
released as decoys! Luckily, their purpose of drawing off all was foiled by
the very size of the VWF task force, so...meanwhile back at the cave
Gus says: "Hey Martin, did you ever get that satelite link going so that we
can check with the geosat about this cave complex. I'm betting that these
idiots have made changes to what Mother Nature provided"
(see Martin busily tapping keys on his trusty laptop - with wireless link
up - (yeah, someone thought to include a few toys in our equipment!}.
Suddenly he grunts: "Here it comes now! . . . Well, will you look at that!"
"They've got some equipment in there, but it seems to be all shorted out from
these readings. I"m printing out a map now.  Gus, are you ready for the disk
to program that robot cam?" "Sure, hand it over, and I'll upload it to 2 of them. That way they can go both ways there where it branches. Bev, you are in charge of camoflaging them" Sarge says, hoping it will keep her out of trouble by giving her an
outlet for some of her natural talent.  Then adds with a grin " Remember, we want them invisible, not pretty."  So the camoed robot cams go into the caves as Gus, Martin, & Tom watch the monitors. Tom's monitor seems to be different from all the others. It consists of a lot of lines, graphs and such. So Kat asks the obvious "Hey Doc, what IS all that stuff on your screen?  Vital sign readings were displaying from the various life forms encountered in the cave complex. Some of these people seem to be a bit anxious about something."  Bev observes "Of course they are, they're nervous about us." "No, because it seems to be increasing as they go deeper into these caves."
Doc glanced around at his teammates "Anyone here know the history of this
place? It should have been part of the breifing, but I don't recall"
Deb piped up with: "Might should have been, but ... You know the government.
Anyway, I doubt anyone in DC thought it was important that this area was all
once an Indian burial ground. That's why it's haunted, didn't you know
that?""And just exactly where did you get that information?" asked PJ; "I thought
this was my neck of the woods."? "Oh, my umpety great grandpa came through here once a couple hundred years ago. You know me and my hobbies. I'm still trying to track down the indian blood in my veins" Jo " Ok, I remember that, but what does that have to do with these strangereadings that Doc is getting?" "Legend has it that this tribe intermarried with the white invaders and their shamans placed a curse here for anyone who would threaten their descendants. . . . Now to my way of thinking these current bad guys would certainly fit that description well," Deb grinned "Don't you think?"  Kat asks " But do WE have to worry about that curse?"  Bev piped in cheerfully: "I wouldn't think so. If one of us runs into the ghost of the shaman we'll just explain to him what we're doing here."  Her, not him"  What do you mean Her?" Danny exclaimed incredulously. Marci chimed in with: "Now Wildgun, didn't you know that the AmerIndians were NOT chauvanistic? The Shaman of most tribes was whomever had the talent tocontact the Spirit World. It was the white men who brought the silly idea that only males had brains."
Danny looks at Marci's like she has lost her one and only marble, which we all know is
true, but no one ever wants to tell her that!  All of sudden Danny breaks his gaze away from Marci's.   Martin's computer isgoing nuts with readings, as  DocTom has gone further into the cave.   He should have told us he was going.  Did anyone go with him?  Jessica pipes up and say I think Don went with him, or at least I saw them
heading in the same direction? Martin!! What is it that, thing telling you anyway? asks Kat!!  Martin explains that there is allot of movement in the cave deeper and
further down in it.   Linda asks "what are we suppose to do about it then?"
As Bev is telling Linda to hold still so she can finish her camo make up
job Linda is starting to get tired of all this nonsense and just wants to
get things moving. Sarge AKA Gus, looks up at Bev and say.. NO Bev No, I meant the Camouflage the equipment not each other!!  
Meanwhile, Kat and Connie, are talking amongst themselves trying to get up the courage  to go further into the cave. Kat decides she will stand guard out side rather than getting lost again so stands near the cave entrance.  Connie can go with her team to investigate further....Pam has had enough !  And Linda is getting very aggitated from all this waiting around..  Meanwhile PJ, is trying to find the folders on the
terrorist that had escaped the compound in Cuba.   Jo asks if she has found
anything of use yet?   PJ, not listening to anyone continues to get
further and further into her files until alas... PJ lets out a scream andsay I know who they are!!  Just at that moment Doc Tom and Don come running back breathless to the entrance of the cave, and exclaims that there are many hundreds of them.  His
thermo robot detector had picked up heat censors of hundreds of people, and
they are headed deeper into the cave. The robot lost all communications with
them.. They are going to deep..I can't pick them up any more.
Just then Brother Rat comes bursting into the cave entrance and say they are
going out the other side of the cave.   Brother Rat tunneled done in further
and deeper and could almost touch them they were so close. Jack barks at
Jo, you have no choice now, it is time to move or we are going to lose them
again!!  PJ's screaming is completely ignored as she is standing at her desk flinging her
file folders in her hand saying, "But you don't Understand"........
All teams have checked in and gathered out side the cave entrance once
again.  Jo what are we going to do now Martin asks??
Jo screams at everyone, If you'll just stop talking and let me think..... I
have it.... I'll send.................

Melissa writes...

 In the reserves....Martin...get on that computer and send
a priority email....I want you to get.....Just then Bev comes rushing up
through the crowd, putting camo make up on everything in her path....when she
gets to Martins laptop..."OOOHH...look at all those buttons..."
she squeals....her eyes glaze over and before Martin can stop her she has
covered  the keys with camo and they are all stuck together   It's hopeless now.....nothing can be sent out....."BEV!!! now we can't send out the email.   Just Look at what you've done!!" Jo shakes her head and sits down...everyone let me think she
says....I need a minute..."We don't have any more time Jo!" Martin yells, we need to move now... Just then Doc Tom notices some new movements on the computer screen...."Hey look at this," he says..."Someone is coming this way". Everyone gathers around the computer and watches as the blips get closer and can hear
a pin drop in the cave when all of a sudden....."HEY EVERYBODY!!!! What'd I miss?" Everyone turns around and to their surprise,  Melissa is standing there..."Heard you guys were out having fun without me and got here as soon as I could find a babysitter...Hey did you all know there were a bunch of ragheads hanging out about a mile from here?  I passed them as I was driving up...there are about 20 or so of them and more are just ahead! ...they are setting up tents...looks like they are here to stay...oh well there goes the neighborhood..."  Where did you say they are, asked Gus, Doc Tom and Martin all at once?...."About a mile up the back road in here....all out in that open know the one surrounded by all the trees...great place for
deer...." she says.... All the men look at each other with that certian gleam in their eye...the one that would make you nervous to have it directed towards you....that far
off glazed look that means they have a plan.........

Danny writes....

Our guys went off to themselves to make plans for surveillance and methods of attack.   They returned about an hour later and got all the teams together for an attack briefing. They explained that Doc Tom would coordinate MEDEVAC and medical services, Danny would go to a position where he could see the enemy
positions and call for artillery, Gus, Martin and Don would go with the
teams to set up blocking positions in case the rag heads were able to escape
the artillery attack. We were all to be in position in 30 minutes and the
arty attack would begin in 45 minutes. We each moved out to assume our positions. We had a long way to go on 30 minutes considering that we had to climb hills, cross streams and go through briar patches. We made it to where we had to go with no time to spare. Exactly 45 minutes later we heard Danny calling Bruce for a Fire Mission.
About two minutes later the ground started shaking, rocks and dirt wereflying every where and we thought Danny had called the artillery attack onus, but our radios were out and we could not call anyone. what would we do now?????????

Jessica wrote

As the fire mission started Been Lie n's team of fanatics began crawling out
from everywhere, the briar patch, from the streambeds, the trunks of trees -
there were more covert hiding places than Martin and Danny could shake a
stick at together. While the artillery fight would be of vital importance,
hand-to-hand combat would be playing a key role in this mission.
The grimness of this new discovery fell upon each team, as they lie waiting
in their positions. Hundreds of men were crawling from all sorts of places
around the teams but who would be first? Who would make the call to begin the onslaught that was about to ensue? PJ stepped up and grabbed Marci's arm - "You know what needs to be done Marci! And you know that I am the only one that has the flair to get it going." Marci looked at PJ with fear in her eyes - "No PJ, don't, not this
time - not again!" PJ shook Marci -"Marci look at me - LOOK AT ME! We know that the Alabama Been Lie n's are only used to brown and dull colors - if we splash the world with bright and beautiful colors, like my socks, we might be able to avoid bloodshed." Marci looks to PJ, then looks to the rest of her team - Connie nods her head, and Danny realizes that the artillery fire was just the beginning - the men
started what the women must finish! PJ picks up the radio to inform Mamma
Jo and the rest of the teams of her discovery. - Bev rolls her eyes and says, "Only our PJ would be able to come up with this!"

Don writes

There has been new intell collected in addition to Osman Been
Lie-n.  There has been ID made  on others as well .....Been Drinkin, Been Loafing, and
Been Hidin have also shown up, I think each team needs to concentrate on one
of these scumbags.  Team 1 take Lie-n,  team 2 take drinkin,  team 3 take loafing
and 4 you get ol Been Hidin.   Martin you got that laptop working yet???If not, suggest Mama Jo contact eyes in the sky for final check on the targets.  Wiill some one please tell PJ to get on the stick and get the dooomsday device operational if she is really gonna do it. Is this a plan or what,? ,IF I HEAR NO OBJECTIONS... carry on!!

Pam writes

 Martin has the laptop cleaned of the goop Bev slopped all over
it. Turns to Don and says all is in place and the first wave is coming over
now. Ear piercing shrieks are heard as the phantom jets go by. PJ, is
jumping for joy! She had called them in while the rest of the teams were
getting everything else set up. Always one to take action and never step
back, PJ just beams and loads her weapon....a double barrel shot gun and
says, "Lemme at them Lie'ns!" Melissa steps forward with her Glock in hand
and says, " Don who will take Point?" Linda says she'll take point but needs
another weapon as hers was lost in the cross desert chase. Danny steps
forward and hands her his favorite weapon and tells her to be gentle with
her, he's had her since VN. Linda gets all teary eyed and says she sure
will. Then Bev gets her weapon (a can of Avon perfume that was on the recall
list.) ready for action. This'll stop a rampaging elephant at 1000 feet!  Jo, takes off her blindfold and sees that the kids are playing nicely together and sits for a
rest. Doc Tom radios in that he is set and ready for any and all casualties
that might happen. He says Kat is with him setting up triage for him. Connie
back from her phone call is getting the weapons lined up so everyone has
something to attack the scum bag hordes. Linda starts off in the direction
of the Been Loaf in's camp. The whisper that comes down from the clouds is
heard .......".God Speed!" Then Jacks smiling face is seen in the clouds
shining down and giving us the thumbs up.... letting us know that we are
doing the job we were sent in for. For a brief moment we all look up at his
smiling face and feel the warmth of his love and devotion to all his friends
and vets and know we will win the day! As his visage fades we all feel his
loss but know we have to carry on just as he would have. Linda takes off and
is swallowed by the shadows then each team member seems to vanish into the
darkness of the night following in Linda's footsteps. Out of the corner of
Linda's eye.................................

Bev writes
She see's Bev taking a walk around the block. Linda figures this can only
mean one thing.....Bev is ready to strike and take a STAND. Now that Jack
has passed onto the other side he will give us strength to finish this fight and make him proud!!  Bev's (other self)......feeling fu fu is keeping her from doing her job...
has decided to buckle down and show the group that she isn't all fu fu and
sweetness! Besides, she is tired of GUS following her around trying to keep
her occupied. Bad enough that MARTIN (or is it MELVIN?) is already upset
with her for messing up his key board which is not entirely her fault!
Martin's BLUE HAIR DYE also dripped on his keyboard!!! But it seems he has forgotten that! With Don's recent intelligence report Bev decides JO needs to be sent to the BUNKER to give orders from there! Jo puts up a fuss but Bev threatens her
with her stick and Jo gives in. After all... friendly fire has already poured down on us once! Bev suggests to MARTIN, DANNY and PJ that we send in the PATRIOT MISSILES to knock out the RAG HEADS strong hold on the South side of the mountain. DANNY, patrolling on the East side of the river, asks Jo to call in the BLACKHAWK gun ships to set off their Hell Fire and Stinger missiles. JESSICA, using her NIGHT SCOPE calls in a report that the Ragheads seem to be splitting up on different sides of the mountain. She encourages us to send in COBRA ships with their STINGER missiles and rocket launchers Might not hurt to send in a few HUEY'S with their single or combination, 7.62-mm (0.3 in) and 12.7-mm (0.5 in) machine guns. 7.62-mm (O.3-in) and (2.75-in) rockets, AS. 12 air-to surface missiles, and TOW anti-tank missiles. Oh...don't forget to call in the Harriers and F-18 with their six barrel rotary cannon's and cluster bombs! If that doesn't work we will CARPET BOMB them!! That will vibrate their brains so badly the Ragheads won't be able to think STRAIGHT! (as thought they ever would) Bev's statement put the all the guys in shock! They couldn't believe this "Polish Blonde" knew any of this stuff! Maybe she isn't all FU FU and FLUFF! Now we're getting down to business and all are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel!. PJ is all excited and has a call in to CUBA to expect more prisoners coming to the island soon! Meanwhile.... Deb has asked Bev for help in breaking the curse of the SHAMAN.  Bev hands over a bottle of Holy Water and POOF the curse is gone!!!!!  Back on the fighting front grenades and rocket launchers were going off everywhere! The RAGHEADS are dropping like flies and we're narrowing in on OSMAN BEEN LIE-N. Marci can see the end is near, and she
places a call into her sister Connie, and asks her to prepare to take off in her C-130 aircraft to come and pick us all up. "Expect prisoners" she says Danny makes the decision that once we catch BUTT WIPE BEEN LIE-N he probably will never see a tribunal court.......wonder what he meant by that???  While Jo, Bev, Marci and the other ladies watched the ragheads Danny, Martin and Don went ahead to see if there was a good ambush point to end this chase. One was found, a box canyon, only one way in and one way out. It was decided to chase Been Lie' n into the canyon and seal it off. With the shear cliffs combined with the height no one could climb out, all that would be left would be to decide their fate after this was accomplished.  The guys returned to the ladies, explained the plan and the chase was on. Martin took one flank and Don the other to assure no one would break free. The plan went off like a charm Been Lie n and all his worthless familiy and followers were chased into the canyon and the entrance was bombed and blasted shut. Because the chase had been so long we were all tired.  We sat at the top of the canyon trying to determine what we would do next. We could nuke them, call in puff the dragon with his mini guns, set on the ridges and shoot them like turkeys. We realized that without food and water their days were limited any way, so what ever we did would be merciful anyway.  Food brought us to our conclusion.  Because of Been Lie n's religious belief's (they were not allowed to eat pork) we went out and found a bunch of PIGS and WILD BOAR took them into the canyon with the rag heads by helicopter and dropped them off so our foe could live out their short lives with their own




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