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12th Year Search for Bigfoot

Other names for Big Foot are Momo, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Yowie, Meh-Teh, Raksha, Kikomba, The Great Bear, Sasquatch, and Himalayan Beast also after some extra research in Florida, Georgia & Louisiana the legendary big foot is also known as the skunk ape!


Marti writes......
The mission you have accepted on this 12th anniversary of our group is a serious one!
We are hunting Big Foot, Momo, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Yowie, Meh-The, Raksha, Kikomba, The Great Bear, Sasquatch, Himalayan Beast or Skunk Ape. They go by many names but we shall find the family of feets!
In order to get close to these creatures we shall need to de-scent ourselves. No bathing allowed or they will smell us coming!
We are going to need some very special equipment for this outing. Please see list below for your assignments/gear if you have forgotten what they are.
Aletta "top....shhhhh it's a secret"
C forward scout
Bev hair nets
Jo nose plugs
Bob tool belts w/ long handled forks, square pegs, and screwdrivers
Darelynn camera carrying hybrid mosquitoes
PJ 1 case of silly string (in a can)
Don Intel
Steve flannel & GPS (Genuinely Potent Shine)
Danny chief scat detector
Gerry resident Big Foot expert
Paul Bunyan overhead air balloons
Eri crotched capture nets
Dave cowboy boots (scat kickers)
Marti ice picks
Pam rafts/paddles
Chrissy in charge of grog/scones delivery
Dick flutes
WARNING! Beware of rule #101 which says "The writer after you has complete control of your destiny." Keep this in mind when adding your part to our story which is limited only by your imagination.
Have fun!!!!!
We will be departing shortly. Don't be late! Bring all your gear and meet at............


Aletta writes:
Bring your gear and meet at Niagara Falls!!! We all met there at a camp site known for Big Foot sightings. Paul and Patti would be arriving later after picking up Chrissy in the hot air balloon. Jo had arranged for tents to be delivered, which was laying in piles. After all the greetings and hugs, Jo said... "Ok guys, we need to get our tent set up. Let's hop to it!" She pointed to the three tent that were pile up. "The little one is for you guys, the giant four roomed one is ours. The medium sized one is our Mess Hall. Come on! Get to work.. Start with the big one first. We girlz have to get unpacked".
The boy people started mumbling at Jo's orders. Bob said in warning "watch it boy, don't get my little woman upset with that cane in her hand" as he rubbed his head in memory he added "don't let her size fool ya, she can pack one heck of a whop on ya'". After hearing that, the boy people started really moving, as Jo leaned on her cane supervising. "Hey, Girls!!!, they got our tent up... Come on, lets unpack!
"Wow" exclaimed Marti, "this is one big tent and look! We have three sleeping rooms and a lounge area.".. .....Jo said, "that is nothing, wait till our furniture and beds arrives in a few hours. I hope you girls like memory foam mattress". Aletta asked, "what about the guys?" Jo answered, "They said they like to rough it.. So I only ordered sleeping bags for them". Marti added, "They have Steve's GPS and won't even care where they sleep". As we laughed, Pam was reaching into her box. She was also in charge of bringing the hip waders and the camouflage outfits for the boys. She pulled out fuzzy hairy union suits (the footie pajamas with the buttons on the bottoms like babies wear on cold nights…) In brownish red, black,yellow, brown and lime green. Darelynn picked up the lime green one and laughingly said "This one is for NSB Steve."
PJ called the boys and handed them the outfits to try on. They first refused, but PJ without saying a word gave them a "look" and they hurried went in their tent to put them on. What as site when they came out, "They look like a rainbow" Eri said laughing so hard she fell. Steve was in the lime green, Danny in purple, Don in blue, Bob in brownish, Dave in brown and Clarence in red. Steve handed the black one to Gerry saying it was left for Paul when he arrived. Danny and the boy people head for the Mess Hall, that is where they put Steve's GPS supply.
Then Danny started sniffing the air (he is the scat detector).. he say "you guys smell that?" Everyone sniffed the air and shaking their head, saying NO.. Danny with his head in the air, follows his nose with everyone watching. The rest of the boy people were right behind him for back up incase they find a family of Bigfeet.. Than all of a sudden, Danny and Steve disappears out of site. Don pointing downward where they disappear yelled "Look, they fell in a giant hole". We all circle the hole they fell into. Danny and Steve was helping each other up. Steve said holding up his jug of GPS said, "Don't worry, this jug is crush proof" taken out the cork and handing it to Danny after tipping it up to his own lips first.
Gerry examined the hole and said "that is a Big Foot track".. Gerry added in amazement, "Look at the spread between the toes, it belongs to a Big Foot male. From the size and depth, I would say it an adult male, about 10 foot tall, 300lbs with blue eyes, brown hair." Everyone looks at Gerry in awe, Jo asked, "Gerry, I know you are the expert but how do you get all that from the track?" Bev bellows out in a screeching scream.....

Ghost Writer Pam...BOO!

GET THIS SPIDER WEB OFF ME!!!! NSB Steve stumbles over and wipes the twig wrapped spider web off Bev’s head. Meanwhile, Jo is supervising the unloading and set up of all the Angels feather beds and of course, the hot tub. As everyone knows after a hard day’s work, looking for BF we need to unwind. Pam jumps out of the two foot deep BF track and says, Let’s follow the trail! It could be close and we still got daylight on our side. Off go the boy people, carrying their shine, a GPS and a flashlight. Bev said, they forgot to take a camera. Darelyn said, that’s okay…if they find something they will run back here when they realize they didn't take a camera or any weapons. About that time we hear, Hey! Down there! Get ready for us to tie up! We look up and see Paul B. and Patti in the POW/MIA hot air balloon. Aletta yells up to Paul, drop anchor and I’ll tie you up to the barge! That way you’ll keep the balloon safe from Big Foot. Paul looks out over the wooded area and with a puzzled look crossing his face asks, Why are the guys all in fuzzy colored union suits? Jo keeps a straight face and says, We had to have some way of keeping track of the men. You know how they take off at the drop of a hat?! Paul nods and says Oh yeah, I remember.

The noise from the treeline is increasing in intensity. All of a sudden out pops Clarence in his bright red union suit shouting, Watch out! Big Foot is chasing me!!!! He runs to the men’s tent and hits the shine. We hear a rumbling noise and out of the trees following Clarence, pops Dave in his brown fuzzy suit…he is looking kind of pale. And then, a big old rock comes rolling right on Dave’s fuzzy brown footsteps. Wow! It looks like Big Foot is bowling! Said Gerry laughing. Out of the woods comes the rest of the boy peoples NSB Steve yell’s towards the trees “LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU! WE WON’T BE PUTTING UP WITH YOU NONSENSE ANYMORE!!” Come on guys! Let’s get some shine and get a plan together on how we are gonna track and catch that Big Foot. Bev, Jo, Gerry, Darelyn and Aletta are in a huddle and Jo says, Okay, let’s get this pack sorted and lets see what needs to be done. Pam and Aletta bring up the rear as the women take off down the game trail. Gerry sees some glowing eyes off to the west and slowly turns in that direction, about a yard off the trail she finds a tiny red ribbon and a shiny stone. Hey! Look what BF left for us! Says Gerry. Jo comes over and says, There must be some Lady Big Foot, because I just can’t see a man Big Foot wearing that pretty bow! As we start back towards camp we hear trees, underbrush and timber being thrown every which way! And then, through the bush comes a glowing neon blue union suit! Don shouts…..

Don writes:
HOLY MOLY would ya look at that as he points to the west
everyone stops and turns to look and see


Looks like bad incoming weather
before you know it the front has come upon them and after it all clams down, there is no tents standing
where did Paul and the balloon go, Steve GPS seems to be intact and the footprint is filled with water from the torrential rain, the girls hair is all undone
supplies scattered all over the campsite or what's left of it, Jo has lost her cane and in general things are in disarray
all the guys suits are now a dingy dirty gray color and no one can tell one from the other
and to top it all off PAM AND BEV discovered a shiny box with multi colored buttons that are all blinking and there is a Pinging noise coming from the box as the sound seems to be in sync with the flashing RED BUTTON
They look at each and then Pam SAYS .......
however before she can say anything there is more noise from the woods and out comes crashing we all see


don says "OOPS"

Gerry writes:
As Don is surprised by the BF, but it's a child Big Foot looking for it's SHINY BOX WITH MULTI COLORED BUTTONS. As he grabs the box from Pam and Bev, He says, "That's mine!" And starts running back into the tree line. We didn't know what to do. So the guys in their dingy grey colored suits started running after the BF....they were a slippin and a sliding all over the place. Oh, no it's going to pour rain again. Our tents and supplies are in shambles, so we gals run to the cars for protection. OOPS, in front of us is a BIG BIG FOOT WITH A RED RIBBON AND SMILING AT US. It looks friendly. Darylynn is searching for her camera, Chrissy is grabbing for the food she stashed away and Bev has a looked of amazement on her face. The female BF runs after the child BF snatches him up and takes off into the woods dropping the SHINY BOX. As it rolls down towards us, we grab it and hop into the cars. Where's the guys? We haven't seen them for awhile. Where
did they go? We peer out the windows of the cars and see the guys running towards us. Behind them is a BIG FOOT. Pam yells "HOLD YOUR GROUND!" "Right", said Steve as he's holding onto his GPS and shine.
They cram into the vehicles with us, lock the doors while the BF is shaking the cars. We feel sick to our stomachs, its like being on a carnival ride with a hairy beast growling at us. Then it starts storming again. The BF gives up and rapidly disappears into the woodline.
All of us are shaken, wet and stinky. Steve generously shares his shine as we shiver in the cars waiting for daylight.

It's morning, what a beautiful morning it BF's around. Our vehicles are stuck in the mud and we are surrounded by footprints. We can't go anyplace, we must stay. The guys will dig out the cars. We will set up the tents again. We are not afraid. We came to find a BF and we are going to manage that with the SHINY BOX. That's what we are saying to ourselves. The box is still making noise and the red button is flashing....what does that mean????


When we awake we must set up a perimeter with camera's all around. We need verification that there are Big Foots. HA HA. We have got them now.
Boy, did I have a rotten night sleeping in the car with all of us stinking wet and the guys snoring like a loud train coming down the tracks. Oh, and someone was farting all night long. Oh what a mess we are. I even think with all the snoring they shook us loose from the mud. .
We have to get a plan and make sure those pictures come out right. Because NO one will believe us. WE NEED PROOF POSITIVE.

Ok, we don't want to capture them, just get their photos.
We will set up the camp again and put dumbies in the tents with the SHINY BOX. We will hide in the woods just before it gets dark surrounding our camp. We all have cameras. The shiny box is bait. They won't smell or notice us because we look like the woods, and that last BF whizzed all
over the cars. So we stink like them.

We will be ready for the BF's. Our team never gives up, we are brave and need that proof that we were attacked by them. Shucks, the angels decided last night in the car that they must be friendly. They didn't hurt us, just scared the Hell out of us. Maybe we can communicate with them. Maybe they are friendly. Chrissy found her stash of food, maybe the food will make them happy instead of angry when we take their photos.

OK, we have to get ready for our surprise....

Steve writes:
While all the angels are worrying about how they look and smell, us guys take off to see which way them BF's went.
As the angels get back to camp they see Karlene sitting atop a very large crate filing her fingernails and looking all prim and proper with not a hair out of place.
Jo says well I'll be, just look over there. Bev says how did you get here Karlene and Karlene says why C called me and wanted me to stop by Steve's to pick up his prize wining Redtick hounds. C said they are good skunk dogs and since BF is also called Skunk Ape they ought to be able to track all the Feets/Foots around here.
About that time the boys arrive back to camp and Dick says to Steve, lets look at them prize wining hounds of yours....Dave and PB go over to the crate and open it up and them two hounds run out and start jumping all over them angels like they was skunks...DC and Chrissy grab a stick to beat them hounds off, but Dick said wait a minute and starts playing his flute and them dogs just laid down and sorta hummed a tune as dogs do.
Now Danny says to Marti he wants to look at that shiny box over there to see what can be found out about it..Pam says be very careful and don't touch any of them buttons. Danny picks up that box and says well looks like a kids toy that them feets may have gotten out of someones yard.
PJ is sorta acting funny and it seems she has gotten too much of the GPS and is all giggly and has a can of silly string and squirting it everywhere.
Eri says just do look here you got that silly sting all over my pretty crotched capture nets, whatever we gonna do if'n the Foots/Feets show up.
In the meantime Steve is over there next to Chrissy and eating on some of her goodies that she brought'
Karlene says to Bob, why don't you fix up them showers so the angels can get cleaned up and lets see if we can figure out what that shinny box is.
While Dick is still fluteing them dogs, C says hey guys lets scout around whilst them angels is getting cleaned up.
Jo sounds kinda funny talking with them nose plugs stuck in her nose but she is busy directing Bob with the repairs so they can get cleaned up.
About that time Jo turns around and sees..............

Jo writes....

A large drum behind some bushes....thinking that it is always good to have a backup plan so drags it out for a closer look . After all we don't want to take cold showers! Some of the guys, feeling rather macho and laughing at us, headed for the half frozen creek. Steve and Danny had left at daybreak to continue the search for BF and had not yet returned. Aletta. Pam and Gerry built a fire pit , to put under the drum while Donna, Bev and PJ carried some "white snow" to melt down for water. Remember that necessity IS the mother of invention. Not ideal but would suffice. Felt good to get off some of the nastiness and putting some lavendar in was a nice touch.

Sometime during the night, as we slept Danny and Steve had returned to find a now boiling pot of water. Great says Steve! Won't they all be surprised at what they find cooking. Danny tells him that his souped up all wheel drive wheelchair did a fine job in hauling back this deer. All prepped and in the pot it is time for them to get some shut-eye.

Just before daylight we hear a commotion outside our tents waking us. ... finding Paul and C frantic at what they see. Bones strewn around the ground our Bath water overturned with tracks leading from one end of our campsite to the other. Steve and Danny now awake figuring we would be amazed with the soup he had cooked for us was quite upset. The girls could not contain themselves. At first a few giggles that turned in to a roar. Poor Steve! Danny tried to console him with a drink of his liquid lightning. Seems the only thing now we can do is break camp and follow those fresh footprints. Night cameras had confirmed that 3 BF creatures had visited us and made off with what was to be our surprise...don't think I would have wanted any bathwater, lavender seasoned deer. Jo was happy to see that her missing cane had been left in exchange ...maybe as a thank you for their meal.

Aletta says...time to get moving, daylight is wasting'

Aletta writes:

"Where are Steve's hounds", Clarence yelled. Bev laughing said, "did you check in the tent? Looks like they lapped up some of their master's shine and are passed out there!" Steve went to check and sure enough the BF must have uncorked one of his jugs and gave it to them. Danny said, these BF are smart, look what they did. They must have known your hounds could sniff them out. While Eri was waving her hand in front of her nose she said, "I don't know how they could sniff anything with the way we stick." We all stunk terrible and was need of a bath.... Dick spoke up and said "it is you girl people that stink. We cleaned up in the freezing creek." Marti says "we will follow the lavender scent, we doesn't need them their dawgs". As everyone looks at Marti, she says "what!!!! I just came from the south and pick up their way of talkin".

We all re-grouped and gathered our gear to go after the BigFeet who ate our Lavender seasoned food. Good thing Pam and Chrissy brought plenty of eats, we would starve.

Gerry, the BF expert, had confirmed that the three caught on camera was a adult male, an adult female and a teenager BF. Don and PB got in the balloon to do overhead surveillance while the rest of us followed the trail of feet and sweet scent into the deep dense woods.

Jo complained," I can't see my nose plug, it is so dark...nor where I am walking." Then Jo screams.. "OUCH!!! Watch it.. that was my good foot you stepped on" . Bob says "Sorry, I couldn't see you' .. Darelynn loudly says," All right who hand was that? Don't be trying to scare me by tugging on me"... One after another informed Darelynn that they didn't touch her.

Darelynn in an almost frantic voice says, "if it was none of you, then whose hairy arm am I holding right now?"



DC writes:

Darelynn looked up into the biggest black eyes she ever saw....and he smiled and winked! Wow! So he was friendly, too! Just when she was about to get out her camera and take some pictures...(maybe even of the 2 of them together!!!) came Momma Big Foot...decked out in Dave's cowboy boots...Mad as all get out! She grabbed Darelynn and threw her on the ground and was stomping on her when Bob started using his long handled forks to stab her till she ran, and Clarence started grabbing the square pegs out of Bob's belt and was throwing them, aiming at the male big foot's eyes so he would leave too.

Marti grabbed Darelynn's camera, not expecting the mosquitoes to come out ...and they were stinging both of the Big Foots, while they howled all the way back to where they came from..."With all the itching they will be doing, they won't be so apt to come back for awhile.", Bev said. What we didn't know though, was that these were DNA mosquitoes and whatever they bite, the mosquito comes back and records the DNA. So now we have the proof that they exist...but still need the pictures. "We had enough trouble for one day", Steve said. "let's get back to camp."

We got back to camp, to find it in shambles. Everything is torn to shreds and strewn about 100 square yards of New York woodland except the women's tent that was left standing but with hundreds of slashes in the roof. All of the ladies were comforting the men whose hard work setting up camp before we last left it was for naught. Dave could only whine and cry about the fact that the Big Foot didn't take anything but his favorite boots, while Steve tried to pour his shine into him, which only made things Dave was blubbering like a baby!!!

After all that, we were dead tired. We decided that the girl angels could sleep in the tents while the boy saints slept in the car and kept a lookout and protected the shiny box in case we needed it later. Us girl angels kept the camera handy.

In the middle of the night, Pam woke everyone up, whining about how the rain was coming in through the slashes in the tent and was ruining her perfect hair-do.

Just then, Karlene heard a noise, and said, "Oh-oh...What was that?" She grabbed the camera from me and ran outside to take a picture, when the bright flash showed that it was Steve taking a dump....released more mosquitoes and now HIS DNA was going to be in the camera mixed up with the BF's, not to mention that he is gonna have an itchy hiney and boy is he MAD! Grumbling about how "a guy can't even take a dump in peace, thanks to these *$%##^%$%^)* snoopy angels!!" (Who knew Steve was so grumpy when he got up at night?) Aletta tried to sooth Steve, by stroking his arm, but he just yelled, "If you want to help, just get me my $&^%*(*)*^ chair so I can get back to bed!"

As she is helping him into his chair, his eyes get wide as saucers as he points towards the woods and screams.....

Steve write:
Hey that BF has my GPS/shine, let me at him.
 Aletta is trying to hold Steve down in his chair but he manages to get out of it and takes off at BF...Marti says I have never seen Steve move so fast and Jo says well the BF did have his GPS (Genuinely Potent Shine). So Steve is crashing though the bushes after his GPS and BF.
C is trying to hold them dogs and they are about to pull his arm off...C says I got to tie these skunk dogs up. Them dogs just howling and carrying on Bev says can't you shut them hounds up so Dick starts fluting them and they sorta shut up.
Jo is waving her stick around and directing the other angels in repairing the tent while Karlene is trying to fix Bev's hair that the rain messed up and Pam is waiting to have hers done also.
All the guys are standing around worrying about Steve and what to do..
Darelynn, aka DC is standing around in her fuzzy bright red sleeping thangs, which has sorta got Eri and PJ riled cause she ain't doing nothing.
Donna says DC get busy and help us. Chrissy is running around gathering all the stuff that was strowed by the wind.
Dave and PB is just a floating around looking for Steve.
Danny is still looking at the flashing buttons on that lil box and wondering what they are for when Gerry pops up and says "hey I have an idea"........

Gerry writes:
OK Guy's it's still dark. We, as a team still have a chance to get those photo's. Now listen all we have to do is get those BF's to come back.
Now Chrissy, do you have any food left? Chrissy says. Sure I do, I am always prepared.
She gathers up all the food that's left, let's see what we have that will entice them to come back. Steve shouts " The heck with the food, just make sure Darelynn's looking good, the male BF will come back for this good lookin chick." She's always available. Then the angels are upset that Steve wants to give Darelynn to the BF male. As Steve is still a little upset that his GPS/shine is missing, what's the difference says Steve. Maybe the BF will bring back my shine in exchange for Darelynn. WHY NOT???????? We have got to do something? So everyone sits down trying to think what they can do. The Shiny Box is beeping, making all kinds of noises, then all of a sudden something flies over them.
What now? UFO's? What else can go wrong? Steve's as mad as H___, itching on his hiney and his shine gone. The other guys found the last jug of shine and gives it to Steve.
Maybe he will settle down and we can get back to thinking of another plan..
What else do we have that will attract the BF's? Darelynn, food, what about a radio? Anyone bring a radio? Sure says Aletta, I always have to listen to my tunes in the morning. Good. Lets all get spiffied up, looking good, get the food out like we are having a party, get a fire going so we can roast or bbq some of that deer that Dave stashed in the cooler. So, everyone got cleaned up and lookin good. Even Dave and Steve, even though they didn't feel like having a party. BJ had the cameras off to the side to take the pictures.
As the tunes are blasting into the woods, Steve is hitting wood on wood to attract the BF' tune with the music. The Angels grab the guys and start dancing, Aletta says come on guys you can dance can't you? C is checking on the food, making sure the smell is spreading thru the woods.,
Poor Steve, Dave and Darelynn are not happy, but they must join in. Dave still wants his favorite boots back. Jo, Bev,and Marti are lookin good. Even if the male BF doesn't want Darelynn, he will have a choice.
We are making enough noise to get their attention. Then all of a sudden, we hear the bushes bressling in the breeze, stomping coming towards us like a herd of elephants, and the whiff of odor that really isn't too unbearable...IT'S BIG FOOTS...a whole bunch of them.
They are joining us for our party. Are they going to be friendly or what?????????
Here they are joining in......

They are joining us for our party. Are they going to be friendly or what?????????

Here they are joining in......


Yes, the BF families are coming out of the trees shiny as new pennies and ready to dance! Lady BigFoot saunters up to NSBSteve and grabs him by his hairy leg, ties a bow onto his curly locks and starts swaying to the music.

I turn to look and Bev is walking closer and closer to the shiny red blinking button with a happy smile on her face. She reaches the box at the same time the littlest Big Foot (who is as tall as Bev) reaches the box sitting on the ground in the middle of the compound. Bev touches the box and says to the little guy, Here you go little one. He in turn smiles and takes her hand to place her finger on the button. With a gentle nudge he helps her push the button and then he helps her step back.

As I look around I see everyone standing in a huge circle watching what has just taken place. All the Saints are groaning, then, The box starts whirring, purring, bumping and thumping. The top of the box starts to separate and huge poles slide out at the corners, up slides a rope tied to all polls and on the huge square of material is a message…….




May the next twelve years be as much fun as the first!


As we load up Aletta’s barge, PB’s hot air balloon, pack the others cars we smile as the BigFoot peoples help us get everything packed. Darelynn and that cutie BF are smiling at each other then the teenaged BF grabs a camera and takes a photo or two of the smiling friends. NSBSteve is making nice so he can get his special GPS Shine jugs back from Lady BF.

I ask to hitch a ride back to Illinois with Aletta. She says fine as she is taking C and Bev and can always use a hand. We are all loaded up and ready to leave.

I shake NSBSteve’s hand, give Don a big hug, and turn to say my goodbyes to my lady friends. Jo is standing to the side, her hip is hurting from the rain and she looks tired but that big smile of hers is in place like it is all the time. We hug make plans to see each other again, Darelynn is next and I give her an extra big hug just because, Aletta, Bev and Eri get their hugs and then I turn to Gerry. I shake her hand tell her what a great time I had this story time and then we hug and promise to do this again next February.

As we look at the forest we played in over this weekend we watch the Big Foot disappear into the gloaming. Gerry says, We proved there are BigFoot but I feel we need to keep their secret so they can stay as they are and not become tainted by civilization. Everyone agrees. We load ourselves into our transportation and one by one we fade into the sunset……we’ll be back next year to write a new story and tell a new tale.

A special Tip of the hat to our lost members, you are missed and loved.

Keep a light on for us!...we are like bad pennies turning up when least expected.